Landmark cameras in the story of photography, one decade at a time.

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We Remember Evaline Kitchin

1914: Finding a First World War nurse via her Vest Pocket Kodak

Kodak Baby Brownie

1934: The potential of plastic is realised by a tiny Bakelite box.

Olympus Auto Eye

1960: A clever camera in the shadow of better known models.

Folding Pocket Kodak

1897: Frank Brownell’s new kind of camera for a new century.

Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 520

1932: A pioneering half-frame folding camera that promoted the 645 format

Kodak Six-16

1932: Same chips, different gravy, as Eastman Kodak introduce 616 film.

Olympus XA

1979: A clamshell classic that once again helped Olympus redefine 35mm photography.

Kodak No.2 Brownie

1901: The first camera in a film format that is still rolling.


1939: One of the earliest and most influential 35mm SLRs of all time.

Kodak Retina

1934: Kodak invent modern 35mm photography.

Canon Pellix

1965: The unique mirror of this camera solved viewfinder blackout during exposure.

Agfa Optima

1959: This chunky Agfa viewfinder camera gets with the program.

Konica FP

1963: Konishiroku’s investment in shutter technology pays off.

Ricoh Auto 35

1960: Ricoh bring the Space Age to camera design.

Fujica ST901

1974: Baby steps towards the digital age for film SLRs.

Praktica LLC

1969: World first cutting edge metering in a mediocre body.

Asahi Pentax ME

1976: SLRs simply don’t get any smaller than this one.

Kowa H

1963: Kowa curiously put a technological first into a budget camera.

Durst Automatica

1956: This outrageously handsome Italian camera was as pioneering as it was cool.

Praktica FX 2

1956: KW introduces the first fully automatic lens diaphragm action.

Olympus Pen EE

1961: Simplicity is beautiful with the mother of all point and shoot cameras.

Yashica TL Electro-X

1968: Yashica lights up the viewfinder and steps up shutter technology.

Praktica Mat

1965: Pentacon continues to innovate amidst the rise of the Japanese SLR.

Pentax ME F

1981: Pentax took an ME Super, added autofocus, and started a revolution.

Praktina FX

1953: Kamera-Werkstätten’s great leap forward in SLR photography.

Canon FT QL

1966: Canon’s quick loading, mid sixties FL mount SLR was built to last.